not a military response., Peace

A Plea to John Key

Dear John Key,

New Zealand has had a mixed history in our foreign affairs.

Mostly when National forms the government there is an accent on being members of a largely white man’s club.

But then we had Kirk and Lange and we walked from ANZUS, the ultimate of “clubs” and began again to paddle our own waka, even into the French Testing zone in the Pacific.

We wisely stood against the invasion of Iraq. We won people’s trust in Timor Leste and in the Solomons.

Today we need to regain our independence.

We must look for other means of disabling ISIS.

Can we work with others to stem the money flowing into ISIS?

Can we support the work in refugee camps? And thus demonstrate our partnership with the victims of war.

Anywhere that “the club” has been in the last few years has not had a sustained positive outcome.

As a New Zealand citizen and a former Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs, I make the plea: Please, John Key, Think Again. Make us proud by finding a cleverer way to challenge the power of ISIS.